It’s a Woman’s World, Part 3

Peter’s been slaving hand and foot for Christine, but now she’s gotten tired of him “lazing around” and sent him back to work at AWWI. Time for Peter to get more education.

It’s a Woman’s World, Part 3, “Back to Work” is now out. In this episode, Peter, who has been slaving hand and foot for  Christine is sent back to AWWI because she is tired of him “lazing around.”

It’s time for him to get more education and to put some of what he’s learned to work. It’s a horrible case of forced-feminization and diabolical cruelty and manipulation as the story of Peter and Christine takes yet more twists and turns. In this episode, you start to see that A Woman’s World, Inc., is larger than it seemed, with plans to get even bigger. For some reason, Peter is a big part of its plans.

This is a story of forced feminization and involves a lot of really mean stuff!

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A Call to Kink

I’m a live and let live kind of girl. BDSM sex is normal behavior and can give you more pleasure than vanilla sex. You should try it.

I am a believer in, “to each his or her own.” If it isn’t hurting someone else or creating bad things in the world that will hurt someone else, and people like doing it, then why not cheer it on? There are so many things going on in the world, and so many possibilities that one can, or might, explore, that it is almost impossible to decide what is really normal or healthy behavior. It’s a waste of time trying to do that, and a waste of life to hold yourself back from exploring.

Readers of my blog or writing know that I frequent some of those worlds of possibility. One of those is the “Woman’s World.” I also spend a lot of time in the world of cuckolding.

On the surface, I know, it seems that the worlds I create with my writing are hurting people, and there is a nefarious plot behind the It’s a Woman’s World series. It might be hard for the button-down crowd to see It’s a Woman’s World as serious literature that happens to involve a lot of kinky d/s (domination/submission) sex as a serious piece of literature, but it is one. I call it erotica, but it might also be considered a very dark psychological thriller.

But I digress.

My point is that for the most part the characters in my stories are making free choices. Some are happier than others, maybe, but these choices are almost all (at least) within the reaches of normal behavior. Every woman must at some time have fantasized about making love to someone else in front of the fascinated gaze of someone whose intense desire she wanted to stir. We all think that having people mad with desire for us, while we pick and choose whom, if anybody, we wish to please, is erotically stimulating. And almost every – if not actually every – man has at times fantasized about seeing his woman with another man. It’s wired into us.

Either as a pleasure or as punishment. And the weird thing, as we all know, is that there is a place where erotic pleasure and pain seem to merge. BDSM fantasies are one such area, and for many men that means the cuckold fantasy. Feminization is a step further out there, with “forced” being implied as a sort of permission. Isn’t that what submission is all about anyway? Permission to do what taboo forbids.

There is a chemical reason for this. Everyone has heard of endorphins, the pleasure-giving substance that our bodies create at times. Well, our bodies create it in response to weird things (like the smell of vanilla, for example), sexual pleasure, and pain. It appears that our bodies counteract painful situations by releasing pleasure-giving endorphins. That creates the paradoxical effect of pain giving sexual pleasure, and when that pain and its accompanying endorphins are combined with other sexual stimuli that are physically pleasurable, the pleasure can be significantly greater than the pleasure given in straight, non-kinky sex.

And that is why, I am convinced, so many people who taste d/s sex never fully lose the taste for it in the future. In a way, that makes my stories and those like them, dangerous. But no one ever needs to do anything they don’t want to do. Freedom is dangerous, in a way, but it’s what life is all about, too.

Enjoy yourselves. Let yourselves experience things on the fringe. Don’t hurt yourselves or other people, but check out another world. You might find an incredible amount of pleasure and satisfaction if you do. Spread the word!

Crossing the Rubicon

Crossing the Rubicon

Do You Have Cuckold Fantasies? They Could be Dangerous!

Do you fantasize about seeing your woman having sex with another man? Do you fantasize aboutbeing made to watch while she did it? Or not allowed to watch? Do you think that would turn you on?

Jake did, and he worked hard to convince Mona to do it just once. She just agrees to give a chosen guy a blowjob to humor him.

They made a deal …

She was supposed to give another guy a blowjob and then send him out the door. Unfortunately for Jake, she got other ideas when the man she’d chosen made her feel different ways than she’d expected. He did have a much larger cock than Jake, and it surprised her how much it turned her on.

Plus she couldn’t quite forgive Jake for willingly share her with another guy. Isn’t that what losers do?

What could ever be wrong with the multi-orgasmic lifestyle of a hotwife?

If you’re a woman, would you like to make your man watch you have sex with another guy, knowing that he was as turned on as you were, your every orgasm searing into his imagination and turning him wild for you? Or just to enjoy a new guy with new ways to turn you on while your man watched you do it? Isn’t that a win-win?

Mona almost felt that way, but she began to feel more than she’d expected

And unfortunately, the other guy had his own ideas. He wanted Mona for himself, and he ruthlessly made that happen.

Jake is Caged, Feminized, Pegged Repeatedly, Humiliated…

This novella is the story of a man whose deal to watch his wife with another man went terribly wrong.

First he is shunted aside as his wife falls for Jim, the lucky guy. Then Jake is required to participate,forced to give pleasure to his wife’s lover.When he decides he’s had enough of the game, he tries to get out, but he’s watched closely, with his cock in a steel cock cage he can’t get off. He’s made to wear women’s clothes.

His protests are ignored, as he is placed in compromising situation after compromising situation. When he declares his independence with real intent, he’s drugged and subdued.

When He is Finally Allowed to wake up, Jake’s Manhood and Former Life Seem to be the Dream

He’s been feminized with harsh chemicals that give him voluptuous breasts, erase his masculine features and shrink his genitals. They also disrupt his psychic health so much that when he’s finally allowed to wake up completely, he no longer knows who the woman looking at him from the mirror is. Finally, he is sold into sexual slavery.

He will spend the rest of his life in a harem in Asia, and his freedom and masculinity will seem like no more than a fleeting dream he once had.

This story contains a lot of steamy, graphic sex and explores some of our deepest fantasies. As one reader put it, the story is ”deeply provocative, the story took me everywhere I hoped it would and awakened desires I never dared to acknowledge before. I have a new favorite author.”

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All Caged Up

Ever Fantasize about Watching Another Man Make Love to your Sexy Wife?

Ever think about what it might be like for your wife to be a “hotwife?”

This is the story of Alex, a guy who wanted to have group sex with his wife. She is reluctant, but gradually lets herself be talked into it – only it’s got to be a threesome with another guy because she didn’t want to share. “And anyway,” she says, “your main fantasy seems to be watching me with another guy.”

Alex agrees.

But he Has to Wear a Chastity Cage to the Meeting

Then it turns out the other guy requires him to wear a chastity cage as a condition of meeting. This is supposedly to avoid the awkwardness of deciding how to do things if there’s chemistry. Although surprised by the condition, Alex agrees and then learns he must wear the cage for the several days before the meeting, too.

His wife says she’ll give him something to remember before putting it on, and this seals the deal. Then when she leaves him just short of orgasm, Alex spends the next three days in a frenzy of frustrated desire.

Meanwhile he’s made to make himself useful, and that begins a disastrous descent into sexual service for the man who came to be called “Cuckie” by his wife.

The Life of a Sub Involves a Lot of Denial and Service

Would you be prepared to “make yourself useful?” if your wife demanded it as a condition of having sex with someone else? Would you have to do it if you were caged in a chastity device? You’d have to suck cock, use your hand, actually put his cock into your wife’s pussy…

Poor Alex finds himself doing all sorts of things he never would have thought he’d do, and then at the end he has to settle for… but that would be telling too much, wouldn’t it?

This is a seriously hot story that will appeal to people who like erotica whether or not they’re into some of the specific things that occur, chastity caging, dominance, submission, forced-bi and servitude. It is a great, sexy story.

If you’re into hotwives, swapping, domination, submission, chastity or chastity caging, or forced-bi action, this one will be for you.

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Cuckold Cleans the Cum

Cuckolding is a special relationship about power, loss, humiliation, and love. Making your cuckold lick up your lover’s cum is one of the most powerful parts.

Cuckolding, at least as I mean it, is not simply just enjoying another guy while you’re married. That could be “cheating” or “swapping” or being in an “open relationship,” or something like that. Cuckolding is more about the relationship you have with your husband while someone else is with you. Specifically, he’s your sub – he’s submissive to you – and he gets off on the fact that you look outside the relationship for someone who is more dominant than he is. Or he might, as in the case of my husband, simply be turned on by my going with other men and being pleasured by them – I’m never a sub.

Anyway, the challenge for us women who are into cuckolding is to keep twisting that knife in our husband’s heart. That sounds cold, but it isn’t. What is more smoking than looking your husband in the eye as he watches you taken by another man and brought to orgasm? What’s hotter than petting your husband’s poor, caged, limp and soft dick while another guy penetrates you with his big, hard one? Or from his perspective, what’s more thrilling than watching your woman’s face as she begins her orgasm?

If he’s caged, you know your husband would be hard if you’d let him! But you don’t, and that compounds the loss he already feels as he watches you being taken. And it’s this loss that turns him on more than anything else.

He thrives on the powerful mix of feelings, the way people used to mix uppers and downer drugs, I guess. Anyway, it’s just as addictive for the guy who starts down that path. And for the woman, it is also a rush – a rush of power, being powerfully desired by two men, but only needing to pleasure one, the power of dishing out such a strong mixture of feelings for your husband or boyfriend, the power of controlling him. And of course the sensual pleasure of having different lovers, often more than one at a time.

But I digress! My point here is that cum is the height and essence of your husband’s humiliation. Watching it jet into his wife’s pussy, or drip out of it, is hardwired into the average man as the most powerfully negative thing there is. And when it’s combined with a passionate love of the woman doing it, it gives him a rush like none other. So make him watch that, and then make him experience it in more than one way. Rub his face in it, so he feels and smells it.

And make him lick it up so he tastes it and also participates in the humiliation. Make him end up with the sperm that violated him by going into your pussy. Make him make you cum again while he cleans you up so that he feels, again, how powerful it all is to you and how good it feels for you. Combining that with the frustration of keeping him locked will make him all the more powerfully addicted to the experience and to you.

So make him lick you clean every time. It seals your relationship all the more powerfully, pleases your lover, and feels good for you.

Survey of Sexy Things – Poll on Fem-dom, Feminization, Cross-dressing, and Forced-bi

There are a lot of things I find sexy in the femdom world, and I’m curious about what you think is hot. Please take this survey

Survey of Sexy Things – Poll on Fem-dom, Feminization, Cross-dressing, and Forced-bi – for Straights, Gays, Sissies and Bis, and anyone else

Sexiest answer gets a free book!

There are a few things I think are so sexy, and I’d like to hear from you whether you agree, and if so, how much. As you know, in A Woman’s World, the protagonist, Peter Sartorius, is caged and then rapidly feminized by pressures being put on him at work. Meanwhile, his wife gets turned on by some of what’s happening. She likes him in panties.

I definitely like to cage my men, and I also have found it a big, but surprising, turn-on to see my man in panties. I’ve always done it in conjunction with meeting another man, so putting Alex in panties was reassuring to the other guys and embarrassing to Alex. It emphasized that he would not be allowed to enjoy me along with the other guy. That led to other things, and it got really hot.

And that in turn led to another turn-on. Since he was already in panties, maybe he should make himself useful in other ways? And that led to very exciting things, for me. I love to see one man pleasing another – as my sub. It isn’t hot for me to watch two guys on an equal basis just getting it on, although if that’s what you like, I’m not against it! 🙂

The Survey Questions

So here are my questions, and I would really appreciate comments.

Do you find making your man, or being made to, wear panties sexy?

What turns you on (or off) about that?

Do you find making your man, or being made to, please other men sexy?

Again, what turns you on or off about that?

And what about more general feminization? Being made to conform to female codes – do you find that sexy? Is it hot to think it could happen to you? Is it hot to think about doing to someone else?

It’s a Woman’s World, Parts 1 and 2 – if you haven’t already gotten the book but want it.

“Hulking,” “Jim’s Birthday Party” and Other Kinky Tales

Hulking,” “Jim’s Birthday Party” and Other Kinky Tales:

A Collection of Erotic Short Stories featuring Cuckolding, Chastity Caging, Forced-bi, Domination, Feminization and Submission

Here’s a new collection of stories from Elena.

In U.S. In UK, in DE, In FR. in IT, in AU

Are you into Cuckolding, Chastity Caging, Forced-bi, Domination, Feminization and Submission?

If so, you’re going to love this collection of stories.

These stories that involve some of my favorite things: cuckolding, chastity caging, forced-bi, domination, feminization and submission, among other kinky stuff.

People who have read some of my work before will recognize some of them: All Caged Up, Crossing the Rubicon, Plugged and Cocksucker have been widely read, but if you happen to have gotten these stories before, never fear – there are some new ones in here for you.

There’s New Content

First, there is Hulking, a short story about the way a penis “sleeve” can be used to please a mistress far more than usual while depriving a sub of almost any feeling at all. In conjunction with the chastity cage, this can be a wonderful combination!

There’s also Jim’s Birthday Party, which hasn’t been published before, although it was been the free story for signing up for my site for a while. That’s changed, however, and now this collection will be the way to get that story.

And this collection also contains Stella, which is an erotic horror story. It starts as a pretty basic erotic romance, but then turns… weird. It was fun to write as a romance, and it was fun to turn into a horror story.

If You’re into Fetishes – into Cuckolding, Pegging, Forced-bi, Feminization, Chastity Caging, Domination, and BDSM, you’ll like these stories.