It’s A Woman’s World – The New Job

The New Job is Part One of my series, It’s a Woman’s World. In this story, Peter Sartorius is looking for a job as a mid-level marketing manager. He has been recently laid off, and he finds the job market tougher than he expected. After months of searching, his hope, and his wife Christine’s patience, are wearing thin.

Luckily, Christine finds a job posting for a marketing manager one day while looking in a woman’s magazine, and she brings it to Peter’s attention and talks him into applying. The company advertising is A Woman’s World, Inc., and what exactly they are marketing isn’t clear. They do tell him their clients are mostly female, and that it is a requirement for him to familiarize himself with the products of their clients.

Peter agrees, and soon he finds himself in a helpless spiral, as he is aggressively feminized in search of the elusive “gender-neutral” look the company requires. He is also touched constantly by the women in the office, and when this excites him, he is criticized of “showing off his clitoris” and required to wear a chastity cage.

Things just get worse from there.

Peter keeps expecting Christine to weigh in on his favor and agree with him that he should leave AWWI, but she unexpectedly endorses every suggestion the company makes. Meanwhile, she has discovered a new taste for femdom and bdsm, particularly as that involves inflicting erotic pain on Peter. She takes to leading him around by gripping his balls and tugging, and his troubles get worse and worse.

Peter would leave – he hates AWWI, but first Christine maxes out the credit cards in a misguided attempt to please him by buying a new and expensive wardrobe of lingerie for him (and she throws away all his old, male clothes). Then the chastity cage turns out to be made of a material that a locksmith can’t cut. Peter is trapped, and while it can’t get harder it certainly gets more difficult.