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Books by Elena Newton

Here are stories by Elena. Click on the link below the picture of the cover to be taken to a page with much more information about the story.

itsawomansworldiThe New Job is Volume One of the series, It’s a Woman’s World. Peter is desperate for a new job – he’s been out of work for months. His hope, and Christine’s patience, are growing thin, when Christine finds a possible job or a company called A Woman’s World. The only problem is that Peter must try to look “gender-neutral” so as not to offend the clients. its a womans world Part2

Committed to the New Job is Volume Two of the Series. In this part, Peter has already been put in a cock cage and largely feminized by the fiendish women at AWWI. His wife Christine seems to think everything they do is fine, and her own taste for bdsm has progressed to the point where she is Pegging Peter every night. To his distress, he finds himself craving it.


The Keyholder’s Manual is the definitive work on the kink behind the cage. It explains why men crave being caged in chastity, and how women can help them get what they want – while having more fun than ever.

All Caged Up

All Caged up is a twisted, kinky story. But then again, aren’t they all? This one involves a deal to meet another guy. Part of the deal, however, is that hubby, soon to be known as “cucky,” start the date in a chastity cage. It gets worse…


Cocksucker, by Elena Newton – The protagonist  enjoyed a fantasy earlier in his life with his then fiancee, but it didn’t work out well. He vowed never to do it again. Now he’s engaged again and haunted by the old days.

Crossing the Rubicon

Crossing the Rubicon, by Elena Newton. – A story of a fantasy gone wrong and the things that happen to a couple as a result of that. It starts out innocently enough, but when things get out of hand, they just go from bad to worse.

Elena's Education, 1

Elena’s Education, Part 1, is about one woman’s response to her husband’s desire to be caged in a chastity device and dominated. This led to fun and games, some challenges for her, and a lot of desire and denial for him.

Hunting Men

Set after Elena’s Education, Part 1, Hunting Men – Becoming  a Huntress, involves Elena learning some tricks to dominate and control men. These are particularly ruining orgasms, pegging, and forced bi action – things which quickly bring her “victims” under her control.