The Making of a Hotwife and Other Twisted Stories

The Making of a Hotwife and Other Twisted Tales is a collection of short stories. The title story, Making of a Hotwife, opens with Mindy contemplating her husband’s fantasy of her sleeping with others. She can’t understand it and feels that he regards either her or himself somehow “not enough” for the other. She may never understand what his motivation is, but after she meets a young stud, she stops worrying so much about it and begins to take control.

The Making of a Hotwife and Other Twisted Tales is a collection of short stories. The title story, Making of a Hotwife, opens with Mindy contemplating her husband’s fantasy of her sleeping with others. She can’t understand it and feels that he regards either her or himself somehow “not enough” for the other. She may never understand what his motivation is, but after she meets a young stud, she stops worrying so much about it and begins to take control.

When she sleeps with a woman who is the stud’s lover, her husband suggests that he would like to play. But Mindy tells him that she doesn’t want him sleeping with other women and that she doubts her friend would want to sleep with him anyway because of his unimpressive size. The friend confirms this with Mindy but suggests letting him watch – while in a chastity cage. That seems likely to happen, but doesn’t in this story.

Instead, Mindy develops a relationship with the young stud and puts her husband in the place he desires and deserves that way. Before long, he watching and helping – he’s there to put her lover back in when he slips out in a moment of passion. And of course he’s there to clean up – the cuckold’s duty.

In The Best Kind of Family and Back from College, other scenarios are explored. In The Best Kind of Family, two young adults whose parents are about to get married begin a relationship. It may be doomed, but the girl isn’t going to let her new boyfriend walk away that easily. She seduces him and takes photos of what they do. Of course, he’s not exactly sorry about any of that.

Back from College is a sexy romance that isn’t kinky in the way most of my stories have been. It’s more like a boy-girl romance. Hardly kinky at all! IKR?

The Wedding Party gets back to themes of femdom power and kink, where a husband watches helplessly as his wife fulfills his fantasy – with just a couple of little changes…and Hard Lessons in Babysitting is a story of domination and light bdsm where the woman is submissive.

Pegging and Sissygasms

Pegging and sissygasms – a fun game for d/s or even vanilla couples. Give your guy a sissygasm

Pegging is, like Hulking, another of those activities that can be fun in either vanilla or domination/submission sex. Or maybe I should say that it’s fun even if you do not typically dominate your male partner.

So what, exactly, is “pegging?” It’s using a strap-on dildo on a harness to give your guy anal sex. The strap-on functions as a surrogate cock. As a woman, you might think you should keep the dildo small, but my experience is that a lot of men prefer them bigger, both for visual and physical effect. My favorite one is about seven inches long and normal human width. After all, the hole it is invading can handle the size, and it only takes being gentle for a few minutes until everything is adjusted.

What really makes pegging work is that the dildo either rubs – or if you use the vibrator function – vibrates, the prostate. This seems to be connected to all the sexual pleasure nerve endings. If you stimulate it enough you can, even without ever touching the penis and without its getting hard, trigger an orgasm. He can be as soft as a bunny! And women, a “soft-cock ejaculation” is fascinating to behold, although most guys who are not dominated will not want this.

I like to call an orgasm where you never touch the penis a “sissygasm,” since a guy experiencing it takes his pleasure completely passively and orgasms from penetration. However, if you’re not in a d/s relationship, it might be a bad idea to tell your guy you just gave him a sissygasm!

Guys can be so touchy!

If you give your guy a sissygasm, you have a couple of choices. To an extent, it’s going to be a ruined orgasm no matter what, since he’ll feel the lack of penis-stimulation eventually. But if you leave the dildo in there for very long after the orgasm starts, you will give him much of the satisfaction of a real-man’s orgasm, and this means that his blood pressure will drop, and he’ll feel satisfied at least for quite a while. This will have an immediate impact on his willingness to serve or continue. With that in mind, you will sometimes probably want to do just as you would in ruining any other orgasm – stop! Pull the thing out and turn it off just as soon as you think he’s about to come. If you do that, you’ll have him eating out of the palm of your hand – eating anything you want to give him to eat, which in my case is always whatever cum he does manage to spew. It’s just a principle.

But if you aren’t into d/s, you will want to handle the thing like a normal handjob, and when he comes you’ll do just as you normally do – either squeeze him out or suck him dry while still letting the dildo vibrate. That will give him an extra powerful orgasm.

I think that pegging is, from a woman’s point of view, always a domination experience. You’ll be controlling him, poking and prodding him to your heart’s content, using the dildo as an extension of yourself to deliver whatever pleasure you desire and can deliver. You can use the vibrator and set it so that it delivers vibrations to you, which can be nice, but in a way that’s just a distraction if you plan to make him come. What really makes the experience work for a woman is the feeling of being in charge. It’s a rush, and while it may not bring an orgasm, in a way there’s nothing sexier feeling than power.

If you’re a guy, you can find sissygasms addictive. My husband says that after I did it to him a few times he started fantasizing about being pegged as much as about being allowed out of the cage. Or even more. It wasn’t long before I had him doing all sorts of things he’d always sworn he’d never do!

Venge-Fucking – help me with this here…

I’m curious about what “venge-fucking” is, since any time I do it, it’s good for my partner. I’d like comments.

“Venge-fucking” is one concept I’ve never quite understood, and I’m not even sure if people mean the same thing by it. Can you help me understand?

This comes up because of a response to my post about Hulking, which as I said, is excellent either for dom/sub play or for straight vanilla play as long as the guy can tolerate the thought that his equipment, while perfect, might still be changed to give some variety and other experiences. I’ve done it both ways, and let me tell you, it’s delicious either way.

But I digress. One guy said that if presented the Hulk he’d “throw it across the room and venge-fuck the woman,” “hurting us both.” I took that as a sign that he would NOT be the sort of guy you would give the Hulk to play with. But that got me thinking. What’s the point of a “venge-fuck?”

Is it to hurt the other person, like rape? Or is it to humiliate them in some way by using them? To cap it off, are you supposed to say something hateful to ruin the experience for the other person? And is it something a woman does to a man? Or is it just an act of quasi-violence done by men who aren’t quite brutal enough to rape the woman? What’s the point?

As a woman, I sometimes might give a “mercy” fuck, either to soften some other piece of bad news or to make a guy I actually care about feel better. I don’t do that so much anymore, but… I could under the right circumstances. And then there’s just a wide variety of times I might have sex for various reasons, but I ALWAYS think I’m giving the guy a good time, so what could possibly be vengeful about that?

If you’ve done it before or talked to someone who has, can you tell me a little bit more about this venge-fuck stuff?

Ruining Orgasms – Femdom Technique Great in Non-fetish Relationships

Ruining orgasms. Blow his mind. A Femdom technique that’s great for non-fetish sex too.


One of my absolutely favorite lovemaking techniques is called “ruining.” That’s short for ruining a man’s orgasm. And if you don’t know how to do this, it’s something you should learn whether you are a dom in a d/s relationship, or in an egalitarian relationship. It will definitely be one of the most memorable experiences your lover has ever had. Most women try their best to avoid it, as a matter of fact, but this is a huge mistake. It takes a little courage, but you will never regret it.

What is Ruining?

Ruining is taking your man right up to the brink of orgasm and just the teensiest, tiniest bit over. The idea is to come up to the point of no return, and then give just enough stimulation so that, after a few agonized seconds, he goes over. Meanwhile, you remove your hand and do not touch him, or let him touch himself, as he cums. The result is absolutely glorious.

Let’s take a step back to see why.

What Makes Ruining Work?

As you probably know, men are constructed differently than women. If you stimulate them enough (past the “point of no return”), they will orgasm. They can’t stop it or help it. At the moment that happens, they intensely crave a downward motion that allows them to thrust – they’re built to ejaculate into the vagina, and part of their orgasm requires that they thrust against resistance at the critical moment. Withdraw that resistance and they are “ruined.” That is, they spurt out their load and are depleted. Their blood pressure goes down as usual, but then it almost instantly goes back up. They  almost immediately feel the same desire they felt before sex, but they must still “recover.”

You know how men roll over and go to sleep after orgasm? That’s because of that blood-pressure dive. Well, if you ruin him, yours will desperately want to have more sex. This is great fun from a d/s standpoint, because it is possible to drain a man completely without ever giving him the full satisfaction of orgasm. He’ll be horny all night and the next day – he just won’t “feel right” until he has a satisfactory orgasm.

That does sound mean, doesn’t it?

Deliciously for him and you.

In Non-Fetish Sex

Good girls are taught to satisfy their men, and this means, as we all know, never ever stopping once the point of no return has been reached. In porn, the men may pull out, but they fully stroke themselves to orgasm – or the women do. And in most heterosexual sex between non-fetish partners, that sort of satisfaction is generally regarded as the entire aim of intercourse.

Of course, most men are far more interested in their satisfaction than yours, right?

But good girls always deliver.

Suppose you don’t. If you ruin your guy just one time properly, you will give him a unique experience that is both more intense (my husband says he feels like his head is going to explode!) and more mind-blowing than he’s ever had.

Here’s How to Do It

You probably think that the point of no return comes when your guy’s balls scrunch up and he starts contracting all his muscles before that one last thrust.

Actually, it comes just a few seconds before that. It takes practice to find the exact right moment to pull away.

If you can read your guy pretty well, you can ruin him without warning, and that is the best thing. If he lets you tie him down, this is especially effective. Just go till you think he might be about to go past the point and stop. And wait. This in itself will drive him crazy as a teasing technique, right? And if he goes over, just watch him. DO NOT TOUCH HIM! And do not let him touch himself, although you will see that every fiber in his body wants to.

And if the first time you stop, you don’t succeed, try try again. Just go back to stroking and stop again. And again, and again. Eventually he’ll go into wild contortions and all his muscles will contract. Some cum will come out, although it won’t be the usual amount. He’ll probably groan and beg you to finish him.

And you will, sort of. You will wait a second and give him just a couple more strokes and stop again – and he’ll go through the whole thing again! And you can repeat it (if he’s tied down – if not, he’s going to try to ravish you, be warned) again and again until he can no longer get hard. He’ll be soft but STILL horny.

Ruining Does Not Harm or Hurt

Ruining will drive your man batty, but it won’t hurt him. He’ll be hungry for sex immediately after you finish, and part of him won’t feel “right” until you have sex to full satisfaction. He’ll be thinking of you all the next day, and he’ll never forget what you did for him. He will, eventually, love it and probably beg you to do it again.

A Call to Kink

I’m a live and let live kind of girl. BDSM sex is normal behavior and can give you more pleasure than vanilla sex. You should try it.

I am a believer in, “to each his or her own.” If it isn’t hurting someone else or creating bad things in the world that will hurt someone else, and people like doing it, then why not cheer it on? There are so many things going on in the world, and so many possibilities that one can, or might, explore, that it is almost impossible to decide what is really normal or healthy behavior. It’s a waste of time trying to do that, and a waste of life to hold yourself back from exploring.

Readers of my blog or writing know that I frequent some of those worlds of possibility. One of those is the “Woman’s World.” I also spend a lot of time in the world of cuckolding.

On the surface, I know, it seems that the worlds I create with my writing are hurting people, and there is a nefarious plot behind the It’s a Woman’s World series. It might be hard for the button-down crowd to see It’s a Woman’s World as serious literature that happens to involve a lot of kinky d/s (domination/submission) sex as a serious piece of literature, but it is one. I call it erotica, but it might also be considered a very dark psychological thriller.

But I digress.

My point is that for the most part the characters in my stories are making free choices. Some are happier than others, maybe, but these choices are almost all (at least) within the reaches of normal behavior. Every woman must at some time have fantasized about making love to someone else in front of the fascinated gaze of someone whose intense desire she wanted to stir. We all think that having people mad with desire for us, while we pick and choose whom, if anybody, we wish to please, is erotically stimulating. And almost every – if not actually every – man has at times fantasized about seeing his woman with another man. It’s wired into us.

Either as a pleasure or as punishment. And the weird thing, as we all know, is that there is a place where erotic pleasure and pain seem to merge. BDSM fantasies are one such area, and for many men that means the cuckold fantasy. Feminization is a step further out there, with “forced” being implied as a sort of permission. Isn’t that what submission is all about anyway? Permission to do what taboo forbids.

There is a chemical reason for this. Everyone has heard of endorphins, the pleasure-giving substance that our bodies create at times. Well, our bodies create it in response to weird things (like the smell of vanilla, for example), sexual pleasure, and pain. It appears that our bodies counteract painful situations by releasing pleasure-giving endorphins. That creates the paradoxical effect of pain giving sexual pleasure, and when that pain and its accompanying endorphins are combined with other sexual stimuli that are physically pleasurable, the pleasure can be significantly greater than the pleasure given in straight, non-kinky sex.

And that is why, I am convinced, so many people who taste d/s sex never fully lose the taste for it in the future. In a way, that makes my stories and those like them, dangerous. But no one ever needs to do anything they don’t want to do. Freedom is dangerous, in a way, but it’s what life is all about, too.

Enjoy yourselves. Let yourselves experience things on the fringe. Don’t hurt yourselves or other people, but check out another world. You might find an incredible amount of pleasure and satisfaction if you do. Spread the word!

Hulking – the Sexy Sensation that’s Sweeping the Nation! Not

Hulking is using a penis extender to give you man extra size and endurance. It is heavenly for the woman, and can vary for the man.

Hulking is one of the most fun things. It can be, but doesn’t have to be, a dominant/submissive thing. It can done in ways that make everybody have a lot more fun, male or female, dominant, submissive, or egalitarian.

D/S or Egalitarian, Works Both Ways

Of course I like it as a tool of domination, but my first experience of it was non-fetish fun.

So what is “Hulking?” Hulking is using a thick penis-extender and then fucking like crazy for as long as you want to.

What Hulking Does

When I first discovered it, I worried that something that big would hurt or feel weird or… something besides great. What it felt like, for me, was just great and lots and lots of it. Let’s face it, the average guy is not 8 inches long, and even if your guy is, he’s not going to stay both hard and excited for half an hour of intense activity. When my guy was wearing the extender, though, he went from normal size to BIG, and he went from normal endurance to super-stud. He could hit every spot as many times as necessary, for me to orgasm for half an hour at a stretch. Because he couldn’t feel it in an orgasmic way, he could concentrate on pleasing me more. We both liked that.

Then, when I was done, I could tend to him, or he could do some more without the extender.

We both loved it. He felt extra strong and manly, and I came for thirty minutes at a time, which made us both feel great.

For My Sub

It was different for my sub. When HE put it on, he could pretend that someone else was making love to me – through him. He both “had his cake and got to eat it,” as he had to watch me be satisfied in a special new way by something that was not him, and he had to watch me come for half an hour while he felt almost nothing. I could tease him about how much smaller he was than the Hulk and how much size matters, and he had to serve me in the capacity of the other guy.

Then I could ruin him afterwards.

It was perfect.

The way it works

The Hulk fits over your guy’s actual equipment, but it is a third of an inch thick on the sides, and an inch longer on the top. He squishes himself into it, and it holds him with a little suction – so it keeps him hard even though he can’t feel anything. The loop at the bottom goes around his balls. I let him put that on, very carefully, but if I’d felt bdsm, I could have snapped him in a way that even I cringe to think of.

The thing stays on and keeps him hard as long as I want, but he can’t feel anything. In a non-fetish setting, it’s generous of your partner to do that. In a d/s scenario, of course, you just make him – it’s another kind of cock cage for when you don’t have another man to get you off.

Guys – do your woman a favor and get and use one of these things. Doms, try making your subs wear one. You’ll thank me a thousand times.