“Hulking,” “Jim’s Birthday Party” and Other Kinky Tales


Hulking,” “Jim’s Birthday Party” and Other Kinky Tales:

A Collection of Erotic Short Stories featuring Cuckolding, Chastity Caging, Forced-bi, Domination, Feminization and Submission

Here’s a new collection of stories from Elena.

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Are you into Cuckolding, Chastity Caging, Forced-bi, Domination, Feminization and Submission?

If so, you’re going to love this collection of stories.

These stories that involve some of my favorite things: cuckolding, chastity caging, forced-bi, domination, feminization and submission, among other kinky stuff.

People who have read some of my work before will recognize some of them: All Caged Up, Crossing the Rubicon, Plugged and Cocksucker have been widely read, but if you happen to have gotten these stories before, never fear – there are some new ones in here for you.

There’s New Content

First, there is Hulking, a short story about the way a penis “sleeve” can be used to please a mistress far more than usual while depriving a sub of almost any feeling at all. In conjunction with the chastity cage, this can be a wonderful combination!

There’s also Jim’s Birthday Party, which hasn’t been published before, although it was been the free story for signing up for my site for a while. That’s changed, however, and now this collection will be the way to get that story.

And this collection also contains Stella, which is an erotic horror story. It starts as a pretty basic erotic romance, but then turns… weird. It was fun to write as a romance, and it was fun to turn into a horror story.

If You’re into Fetishes – into Cuckolding, Pegging, Forced-bi, Feminization, Chastity Caging, Domination, and BDSM, you’ll like these stories.




Hulking is the sexual practice of using a penis sleeve during intercourse. This increases fun for both partners in vanilla and d/s sex.

I just registered the hashtag, “hulking,” with Hashtags.org – a site that should probably not have a “.org” in the name! They charge from $49/month to $349/month to join. That’a a pretty hefty price tag.

Anyway, “hulking” is the use of a “sleeve” in intercourse. Talk about your dry definition for something that is as fun as anything gets. Guys – whether you’re in an equal relationship or a d/s relationship, you should try this. The thing makes you bigger and last longer, and because you aren’t stimulated as much, you can pay more attention to your woman. She’ll love you for it. Because it is rigid, it will be firm even if you are not – but the suction on it will tend to keep you aroused while you have it on. That way you can have fun for longer, and you can give her more fun, too.

If you have fantasies of sharing, it would be like sharing her with yourself. I think that’s SO HOT!

And if you’re a sub, hulking has obvious appeal, right? your woman can tease you about your relative size and your inability to feel what’s happening. That can be fun just for kicks. For women, if you use it along with a cage you can have long-term, serious chastity fun and control.

Try #hulking and let me know what you think of it! The act, not the hashtag!!

Hulking – the Sexy Sensation that’s Sweeping the Nation! Not

Hulking is using a penis extender to give you man extra size and endurance. It is heavenly for the woman, and can vary for the man.

Hulking is one of the most fun things. It can be, but doesn’t have to be, a dominant/submissive thing. It can done in ways that make everybody have a lot more fun, male or female, dominant, submissive, or egalitarian.

D/S or Egalitarian, Works Both Ways

Of course I like it as a tool of domination, but my first experience of it was non-fetish fun.

So what is “Hulking?” Hulking is using a thick penis-extender and then fucking like crazy for as long as you want to.

What Hulking Does

When I first discovered it, I worried that something that big would hurt or feel weird or… something besides great. What it felt like, for me, was just great and lots and lots of it. Let’s face it, the average guy is not 8 inches long, and even if your guy is, he’s not going to stay both hard and excited for half an hour of intense activity. When my guy was wearing the extender, though, he went from normal size to BIG, and he went from normal endurance to super-stud. He could hit every spot as many times as necessary, for me to orgasm for half an hour at a stretch. Because he couldn’t feel it in an orgasmic way, he could concentrate on pleasing me more. We both liked that.

Then, when I was done, I could tend to him, or he could do some more without the extender.

We both loved it. He felt extra strong and manly, and I came for thirty minutes at a time, which made us both feel great.

For My Sub

It was different for my sub. When HE put it on, he could pretend that someone else was making love to me – through him. He both “had his cake and got to eat it,” as he had to watch me be satisfied in a special new way by something that was not him, and he had to watch me come for half an hour while he felt almost nothing. I could tease him about how much smaller he was than the Hulk and how much size matters, and he had to serve me in the capacity of the other guy.

Then I could ruin him afterwards.

It was perfect.

The way it works

The Hulk fits over your guy’s actual equipment, but it is a third of an inch thick on the sides, and an inch longer on the top. He squishes himself into it, and it holds him with a little suction – so it keeps him hard even though he can’t feel anything. The loop at the bottom goes around his balls. I let him put that on, very carefully, but if I’d felt bdsm, I could have snapped him in a way that even I cringe to think of.

The thing stays on and keeps him hard as long as I want, but he can’t feel anything. In a non-fetish setting, it’s generous of your partner to do that. In a d/s scenario, of course, you just make him – it’s another kind of cock cage for when you don’t have another man to get you off.

Guys – do your woman a favor and get and use one of these things. Doms, try making your subs wear one. You’ll thank me a thousand times.

The Best Tool for Domination

The chastity cage with urethral plug is one of the most helpful tools to control your sub and gain cooperation. It’s what he wants and impossible to ignore

The Best Tool for Domination

The cock cage with urethral plug is, in my opinion, the best tool for domination of a sub.

It is fine to have your cuckold’s agreement for most things, but sometimes he gets a little, how shall we say, “reluctant,” to play the role you devise for him. A fan asked me if I would ever ignore the safe word my hubby and I set early in the game. Never say never, right? But my feeling is that we set up the rules of this game, and respecting the safe word is a primary rule, however tempting it may be to ignore it. And probably especially when it is most tempting to ignore it.

Control the Game

However, if you’re careful, it need not come to that. You can control the game so that your sub goes further than he ever planned – beyond what he would have called his “hard limits” even – and yet never is even tempted to use the safe word. How? A little planning and the proper tools.

The urethral plug is helpful for this.

Because it is an extension of what he wanted in the first place – to be caged – and is both so uncomfortable and so stimulating, that it breaks down his desire and will to resist.

You Should Try This

Men, if you’ve ever worn one, you probably know what I mean. Women, if you haven’t seen one in action, you owe it to yourself to do so.

What the Cage with Urethral Tube is

The cock cage with urethral plug is a normal chastity cage with a screw-hole at the tip. You put it on, and then you insert –very carefully! – the tube into the hole in your sub’s penis. The tube can vary in length, from about an inch to several inches long. I haven’t had the heart to use one more than two inches long. That’s partly a safety concern, and you must always sterilize the equipment you are using. It’s plenty uncomfortable enough without an infection!

Some women may find a need for longer, and I’ve seen them up to five inches long – the tubes. Remember that the cage will limit the size of your sub’s penis to two or three inches, so a five inch penetration will feel very “special.”

What it Does

What the tube does is penetrate the urethra, and it stretches and irritates the hole of the penis. The result is indescribable. If you’ve ever had a broken bone, you might remember how the pain seems to emanate from your very soul – a urethral tube is similar, only it’s more like pleasant irritation. It is utterly impossible to ignore for more than a minute at a time, and after it’s been put in for a few minutes, it causes your sub to start dripping precum constantly for as long as it’s in there. I like the hollow tube, both so that the precum can drip all over the place and humiliate my sub, and also so that it can stay in there longer without needing to be taken out.

Get the Cooperation you Need!

Alex has never needed it inside him more than an hour or two without coming to an agreement with me about whatever I wanted. Without the plug, he can sometimes “tune out” the frustration of the cage. With the plug, never! My story, All Plugged Up! (in U.S.)(in U.K.)Is based on a real-life incident where the plug proved very useful.





Cuckold Needs – Let them Eat Cum –

For the cuckold, idle hands are the devil’s workshop. Make your cuckold help.

A Cuckold has Needs too

For Doms with cuckolds, what do you do with your husband when you have him locked up in chastity and in attendance as you have sex with another guy? Well, I believe idle hands are the devil’s workshop, and I like to keep my man’s hands busy. I make him help.

Make him Help

This help can take place in several ways. First, if he isn’t accustomed to touching other men yet, or if he is opposed to doing that, you can give him some “by the way” sort of instruction. You can have him hold up your leg so it’s more convenient for the other man to make love to you, or you can have him brew coffee for you and your lover. I especially like the coffee gambit when he is hoping for a turn after your lover has had his first round. Then a cup of coffee helps your lover bounce back for a second round while forcing your husband to help keep himself frustrated. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Make him Watch and Learn

You can let your husband play with your breasts – a little bit. Remember that what cuckolds crave and deserve is the experience of watching someone else pleasing their woman. They know they can’t do it, and they don’t expect you to keep letting them try when you have someone who can. So they can kiss and fondle for a while, but then you must push them aside and focus on your lover. Make your husband watch and “learn.”

Make him Please you

If you are wanting to move your husband towards a more helpful role, you can start by making him give you oral satisfaction while your lover takes you from behind. This gives your husband the pleasure and pain of being able to watch from a very close distance as your lover thrusts his cock deep into you. He can watch your skin stretch and relax, and hear the various sounds you and your lover make. It’s very erotic for him, and it feels heavenly to you to have both lips and cock at the same time.

Plus it puts your husband in the awkward position of having his mouth very close to your lover’s member. If you are active at all, there will be slippage, and your lover’s cock will often brush into your husband’s mouth and face. That’s fun for a lot of reasons, but it is also setting the stage for the next important developments.

Make him Touch your Lover

Make your husband put your lover’s cock back into you. Tell him that since he can’t please you, he owes it to you to help you get satisfaction elsewhere. Make him do it several times. You want him to become used to touching your lover, and the submission required to put him back into you is heavenly agony for a cuckold.


Make him Clean Up

Always make your husband “clean up” after your lover has come inside you. Make him lick you clean, and be sure to rub his face in the combined juices of you and your lover. He will love it. Ignore his whining and make him do a good job every time. You want him used to the taste, and you want him to understand his job.

Make him Satisfy your Lover

After you have done this, simply hold your husband to your pussy (by his hair) while your lover is taking you from behind. Now shift a little so that your lover comes out and into your husband’s mouth. Keep your husband from backing away, and you might consider chiding him gently for “horning in.” You will gradually want your husband to spend more and more time with your lover in his mouth because you are maneuvering for the ultimate in cuckold helpfulness. You want him to suck your lovers to satisfaction.

In the first place, you don’t always want to have to do that, do you?

Enjoy the Rush

More important is the rush of power. Your husband will likely resist at first, and making him do it and accept that level of dominance will give you a feeling of power that’s hard to believe. Also, it is important to your husband. He expects you to make him do this, and all his efforts to persuade you otherwise are just parts of the dom/sub game, where subs are constantly testing the will of the dom. Make him do it – it’s what he needs.

And it’s fun and funny to see come dripping out of your dismayed husband’s mouth after watching him deep-throat your lover to satisfaction while his own cock is still in its chastity cage.

Feminization, Cross-dressing, Submission, Sissies, and Forced Feminization

Is Any of this BDSM?

As many people reading this will know, I have recently published It’s a Woman’s World, Parts 1 and 2 (combined in one volume)(at Amazon.com; at Amazon.co.uk). It is a story involving a fiendish series of events leading to the increasing “feminization” of the protagonist, Peter Sartorius. He’s forced in a variety of ways to take on the role of a submissive woman, first at work, and eventually at home, and the process is a sort of psychological study.

Many of my followers on Pinterest call themselves “cross-dressers,” others who call themselves “sissies,” and many others who fall in various places on the d/s (domination/submission) spectrum. Many of these have cuckold fantasies, which were originally my entry into this world.

A Personal Note

If I may be personal for a second, I have found it hot to make my husband dress in panties when he witnesses me with another man. Originally, that was because of the other man’s desire, as a sort of indication that everything we were doing was consensual and safe, and that Alex wouldn’t suddenly go “postal” on us. But yes, it became more than that because it came to symbolize Alex’s helpless submission to my dominance. It symbolized my power over him, and my availability and “safety” to my lovers. A Pavlovian response was inevitable, I suppose, and now I just think it’s sexy as hell and am not sure why.

Feminization for Men

What it has meant to Alex is more complicated. He loves women, so the obvious thought that his being required to dress up as a woman was some sort of per se humiliation doesn’t work. There is a heterosexual stereotype in play, I think, though. There’s a sense that one of us is the “man,” signified by dominance and free sexual access to the “woman,” more complexly signified. And then there’s the man stripped of his manhood and power, forced to be a feminized onlooker watching his woman be satisfied by the (other) man. Doesn’t that just make you tingle? A little? Be honest!

Feminization and Power

It made me tingle in a way much different than vanilla group sex because of the POWER element. And it makes my Pinterest followers tingle. There’s an element of coercion, but mostly it is voluntary. Alex most definitely does not feel “pretty” when he’s forced to wear panties, nor does he feel feminine. He’s not interested in other men sexually. What he does with them is an expression of my will over him. What he does to the other men is an expression of our relationship, and if he is required – as he often is! – to please other men, he views it as a form of sex with me.


Cross-dressers on the other hand, get something else out of what they do. Many of them say they do it in response to feeling “pressured.” If you’re one of these, I’d love to hear more about this. What sort of pressure is relieved by cross-dressing?


Maybe it’s the desire to be a “sissy.” A sissy is a guy who dresses very provocatively as a woman. He’s not “just a woman,” he’s a “slut.” Many wear high heels, tight dresses, makeup, and other things in an effort to look like a woman. And a lot of them are very hot! Many of them fantasize about fooling other men and having sex with them. A lot of them may fantasize about being forced into doing it, but as far as I can tell, it’s what they want. They like having sex with men. Alex isn’t like that, but I’d like to see someone who is in action.

Forced Feminization – Forced to Submit by Power from Outside

Forced Feminization is something else. In It’s a Woman’s World, Peter does not want to become womanly at all at first. He hates being made to wear women’s clothes and fulfill “women’s roles” at the job. He does it for economic reasons which gradually become more and more blurred as the process continues. And who is causing it all to happen? Why are they doing it? That’s the big mystery of the story and gives it some real intellectual content and an interesting story.

But being forced to submit and then gradually giving in to the process as it changes your character and options in life is a much more fundamental psychological drama, played out by almost all of us. Many people allow themselves to be changed by their jobs. Peter, dressed in miniskirts and heels, with his cosmetics and sculpted pink nails, is just more obvious than most.