KeyHolder’s Manual


Has Your Man Asked You to Be his Key-Holder?

Are you trying to figure out how to ask a woman to be your key-holder?

The Key-holder’s Manual Will Tell You How to Do It

Chastity Cages

Not long ago, cock cages, or “chastity cages” were rare and, when you could get them at all, expensive. Not so any more – lots of guys and women are fascinated with this kink now. This Key-holder’s Primer came about because of that.

This is the definitive explanation for what makes this fantasy work and how you can make it work for you.

Make Dreams Come True

If a guy is fantasizing about chastity, it’s one of his most intimate, kinkiest dreams. Shouldn’t you learn about it to find out whether it’s for you?

Any woman whose boyfriend or husband is thinking about the cock cage or thinking about her having sex with other guys, will find this manual very enlightening and helpful in understanding the kink and learning how to use it to increase everybody’s pleasure.

You’ll Learn A Lot

If you’re a guy, you’ll learn something about what makes it work, and you will find the descriptions and tips hot, erotic, and an incredible turn-on. If you want your woman to understand you, this is your chance. Give this book to her and see what happens. You can pretend you just “heard about it” and “think it might be cool” – if she’s into it, she won’t be fooled! If she isn’t already into it, you’ll have taken a long step towards getting her into it.

If you’re a woman whose guy wants this, now you’ll know why!

And if you’re a woman who wants to do this with your guy, now you’ll know how to set him up so he finds the idea irresistible.

Many guys have a huge fantasy of watching their woman with another man.

Start the Conversation – You’ll be Caged before you Know it!

This Manual will be very helpful to men who want to open this subject with their significant others, too. Chastity fantasies and the whole “female-led” relationship can be embarrassing to talk about. This book will help overcome that and will bridge the gap between fantasy and reality that so many guys are looking for. It’s kinky, but there are so many people doing it now that it also has to be considered normal, too. And it’s really, really fun for all involved once you get into it.

You will learn a lot about yourself and your partner in reading this manual and exploring this kink.

I was a pretty normal woman, working and living in the Midwest, before I became a key-holder. That is, I thought I was pretty normal. Then my husband began to develop an obsession with several fantasies that all seemed to involve my having sex with other men, but not with him. We play-acted some of his fantasies in bed for a while. He’d tell me something made him hot, and I would respond as best I could, and we got along pretty well until I finally realized that I could take control of things.

One thing led to another, and eventually we saw – on the internet – guys with cock cages (chastity devices) on. That really turned my husband on, and it eventually led to me being his “key-holder.”

I was in control, but then I had all these questions! What was it that made the whole fantasy work for him? And made it an obsession? Why a cock cage? Why chastity? And above all, what was I supposed to DO now that I was “in charge?” I looked at other key-holder manuals and basically found nonsense, and so I began to be more systematic about it. I asked my husband questions with my hand upon my truth detector (his cock), and if that stirred, I knew I’d found something. This Key-holder Manual is the result of all my “research” in that, and other ways. You’ll love what I discovered.

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Author: elenanewton

I write erotica. I'm a hotwife who likes to write about my experiences and the stories that occur to me. I'm a serious craftswoman of my trade of writing, and am also a thinker who gives the "sexual battleground" a great deal of serious thought.

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