Hunting Men

Hunting Men

Hunting Men

Becoming a Huntress: Elena learns how to tame her men by teasing, ruining and pegging them

Set after Elena’s Education, Part 1, Elena has learned a few new sexual techniques that bring men to their knees. She has also has learned the subversive effects of pegging and wants to use her new tricks to dominate new men. She wants to use them as a way of humiliating her husband and also just to increase her own sexual satisfaction and pleasure.

She uses her new methods to great advantage, subjugating many men, making her husband please them, and making them please her or her husband. Highly erotic and kinky. Elena gets to be a pretty mean dom!

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Author: elenanewton

I write erotica. I'm a hotwife who likes to write about my experiences and the stories that occur to me. I'm a serious craftswoman of my trade of writing, and am also a thinker who gives the "sexual battleground" a great deal of serious thought.

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