Cuckold Cleans the Cum

Cuckolding is a special relationship about power, loss, humiliation, and love. Making your cuckold lick up your lover’s cum is one of the most powerful parts.

Cuckolding, at least as I mean it, is not simply just enjoying another guy while you’re married. That could be “cheating” or “swapping” or being in an “open relationship,” or something like that. Cuckolding is more about the relationship you have with your husband while someone else is with you. Specifically, he’s your sub – he’s submissive to you – and he gets off on the fact that you look outside the relationship for someone who is more dominant than he is. Or he might, as in the case of my husband, simply be turned on by my going with other men and being pleasured by them – I’m never a sub.

Anyway, the challenge for us women who are into cuckolding is to keep twisting that knife in our husband’s heart. That sounds cold, but it isn’t. What is more smoking than looking your husband in the eye as he watches you taken by another man and brought to orgasm? What’s hotter than petting your husband’s poor, caged, limp and soft dick while another guy penetrates you with his big, hard one? Or from his perspective, what’s more thrilling than watching your woman’s face as she begins her orgasm?

If he’s caged, you know your husband would be hard if you’d let him! But you don’t, and that compounds the loss he already feels as he watches you being taken. And it’s this loss that turns him on more than anything else.

He thrives on the powerful mix of feelings, the way people used to mix uppers and downer drugs, I guess. Anyway, it’s just as addictive for the guy who starts down that path. And for the woman, it is also a rush – a rush of power, being powerfully desired by two men, but only needing to pleasure one, the power of dishing out such a strong mixture of feelings for your husband or boyfriend, the power of controlling him. And of course the sensual pleasure of having different lovers, often more than one at a time.

But I digress! My point here is that cum is the height and essence of your husband’s humiliation. Watching it jet into his wife’s pussy, or drip out of it, is hardwired into the average man as the most powerfully negative thing there is. And when it’s combined with a passionate love of the woman doing it, it gives him a rush like none other. So make him watch that, and then make him experience it in more than one way. Rub his face in it, so he feels and smells it.

And make him lick it up so he tastes it and also participates in the humiliation. Make him end up with the sperm that violated him by going into your pussy. Make him make you cum again while he cleans you up so that he feels, again, how powerful it all is to you and how good it feels for you. Combining that with the frustration of keeping him locked will make him all the more powerfully addicted to the experience and to you.

So make him lick you clean every time. It seals your relationship all the more powerfully, pleases your lover, and feels good for you.

Author: elenanewton

I write erotica. I'm a hotwife who likes to write about my experiences and the stories that occur to me. I'm a serious craftswoman of my trade of writing, and am also a thinker who gives the "sexual battleground" a great deal of serious thought.

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