Survey of Sexy Things – Poll on Fem-dom, Feminization, Cross-dressing, and Forced-bi

There are a lot of things I find sexy in the femdom world, and I’m curious about what you think is hot. Please take this survey

Survey of Sexy Things – Poll on Fem-dom, Feminization, Cross-dressing, and Forced-bi – for Straights, Gays, Sissies and Bis, and anyone else

Sexiest answer gets a free book!

There are a few things I think are so sexy, and I’d like to hear from you whether you agree, and if so, how much. As you know, in A Woman’s World, the protagonist, Peter Sartorius, is caged and then rapidly feminized by pressures being put on him at work. Meanwhile, his wife gets turned on by some of what’s happening. She likes him in panties.

I definitely like to cage my men, and I also have found it a big, but surprising, turn-on to see my man in panties. I’ve always done it in conjunction with meeting another man, so putting Alex in panties was reassuring to the other guys and embarrassing to Alex. It emphasized that he would not be allowed to enjoy me along with the other guy. That led to other things, and it got really hot.

And that in turn led to another turn-on. Since he was already in panties, maybe he should make himself useful in other ways? And that led to very exciting things, for me. I love to see one man pleasing another – as my sub. It isn’t hot for me to watch two guys on an equal basis just getting it on, although if that’s what you like, I’m not against it! 🙂

The Survey Questions

So here are my questions, and I would really appreciate comments.

Do you find making your man, or being made to, wear panties sexy?

What turns you on (or off) about that?

Do you find making your man, or being made to, please other men sexy?

Again, what turns you on or off about that?

And what about more general feminization? Being made to conform to female codes – do you find that sexy? Is it hot to think it could happen to you? Is it hot to think about doing to someone else?

It’s a Woman’s World, Parts 1 and 2 – if you haven’t already gotten the book but want it.

Author: elenanewton

I write erotica. I'm a hotwife who likes to write about my experiences and the stories that occur to me. I'm a serious craftswoman of my trade of writing, and am also a thinker who gives the "sexual battleground" a great deal of serious thought.

One thought on “Survey of Sexy Things – Poll on Fem-dom, Feminization, Cross-dressing, and Forced-bi”

  1. So here are my answers…
    1. I would wear panties if someone wanted me to, and then and only then would it be sexy because I would be submitting, 2. It does not turn me on or off by itself, 3. Yes, I would be turned on if I were made to please other men, and 4. I do like sucking cock etc. and would serve as much as was needed of me, including offering my ass, 5. I am just not good looking as a woman…if I were that would be different.


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