Hulking – the Sexy Sensation that’s Sweeping the Nation! Not

Hulking is using a penis extender to give you man extra size and endurance. It is heavenly for the woman, and can vary for the man.

Hulking is one of the most fun things. It can be, but doesn’t have to be, a dominant/submissive thing. It can done in ways that make everybody have a lot more fun, male or female, dominant, submissive, or egalitarian.

D/S or Egalitarian, Works Both Ways

Of course I like it as a tool of domination, but my first experience of it was non-fetish fun.

So what is “Hulking?” Hulking is using a thick penis-extender and then fucking like crazy for as long as you want to.

What Hulking Does

When I first discovered it, I worried that something that big would hurt or feel weird or… something besides great. What it felt like, for me, was just great and lots and lots of it. Let’s face it, the average guy is not 8 inches long, and even if your guy is, he’s not going to stay both hard and excited for half an hour of intense activity. When my guy was wearing the extender, though, he went from normal size to BIG, and he went from normal endurance to super-stud. He could hit every spot as many times as necessary, for me to orgasm for half an hour at a stretch. Because he couldn’t feel it in an orgasmic way, he could concentrate on pleasing me more. We both liked that.

Then, when I was done, I could tend to him, or he could do some more without the extender.

We both loved it. He felt extra strong and manly, and I came for thirty minutes at a time, which made us both feel great.

For My Sub

It was different for my sub. When HE put it on, he could pretend that someone else was making love to me – through him. He both “had his cake and got to eat it,” as he had to watch me be satisfied in a special new way by something that was not him, and he had to watch me come for half an hour while he felt almost nothing. I could tease him about how much smaller he was than the Hulk and how much size matters, and he had to serve me in the capacity of the other guy.

Then I could ruin him afterwards.

It was perfect.

The way it works

The Hulk fits over your guy’s actual equipment, but it is a third of an inch thick on the sides, and an inch longer on the top. He squishes himself into it, and it holds him with a little suction – so it keeps him hard even though he can’t feel anything. The loop at the bottom goes around his balls. I let him put that on, very carefully, but if I’d felt bdsm, I could have snapped him in a way that even I cringe to think of.

The thing stays on and keeps him hard as long as I want, but he can’t feel anything. In a non-fetish setting, it’s generous of your partner to do that. In a d/s scenario, of course, you just make him – it’s another kind of cock cage for when you don’t have another man to get you off.

Guys – do your woman a favor and get and use one of these things. Doms, try making your subs wear one. You’ll thank me a thousand times.

Author: elenanewton

I write erotica. I'm a hotwife who likes to write about my experiences and the stories that occur to me. I'm a serious craftswoman of my trade of writing, and am also a thinker who gives the "sexual battleground" a great deal of serious thought.

6 thoughts on “Hulking – the Sexy Sensation that’s Sweeping the Nation! Not”

  1. I’ve played with a toy similar to this. It was softer (a material that warmed to the skin). Did diminish some sensitivity but still definitely felt it. And, my lover…she loved it. A great toy for role playing fantasies.


  2. I think it would be very frustrating for a man to hear from his woman the asking to using a penis extender for increasing her pleasure….
    I think it’s most humiliating of hear “you have a very small penis”.
    I didn’t know anything about this “Hulking”. I have learned about it here on this blog, so I’m thankful to the writer…..
    Also in this case, I think that if she asks something like this, there will be a good reason for sure. So I think I’d agree to do even if I’d feel so shame.
    But I’m also curious to know more about it and I wonder what kind of pleasure could feel the male?
    Is it also a physical pleasure or only something of psychological?
    After, I know several women who don’t like something like stuff of plastic or silicon and prefer much more something of real.
    Do you think that there is her secret wish about a real bigger cock, behind this request?
    Finally, as always I prefer direct requests, but I wonder what do you think about how a woman should ask to do it?


    1. The man gets very little sensation from it. The good thing about that is he can keep going as long as she wants. The bad thing is obvious, right? And if she wants, she can make that worse by teasing that “she’s so wet” and how much he must be missing. Or she could make it better by thanking her partner for bringing something new, kinky, and different to the bed. There’s no real humiliation in it for a guy unless the partners want it to be because it’s still the guy’s brain and presence that make it work.

      It is plastic, and I was reluctant a little to try that, but it’s nice. Physically more like the real thing than a dildo because, again, your guy is behind it. We like for me to pretend that there’s another actual guy there and my husband is watching because that’s our kink. If you fantasize about another man with your woman this will be a nice half-way point for you. But if you don’t – it’s still you and not much different than using your tongue or a dildo to please her. For variety.

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