Cuckold Needs – Let them Eat Cum –

For the cuckold, idle hands are the devil’s workshop. Make your cuckold help.

A Cuckold has Needs too

For Doms with cuckolds, what do you do with your husband when you have him locked up in chastity and in attendance as you have sex with another guy? Well, I believe idle hands are the devil’s workshop, and I like to keep my man’s hands busy. I make him help.

Make him Help

This help can take place in several ways. First, if he isn’t accustomed to touching other men yet, or if he is opposed to doing that, you can give him some “by the way” sort of instruction. You can have him hold up your leg so it’s more convenient for the other man to make love to you, or you can have him brew coffee for you and your lover. I especially like the coffee gambit when he is hoping for a turn after your lover has had his first round. Then a cup of coffee helps your lover bounce back for a second round while forcing your husband to help keep himself frustrated. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Make him Watch and Learn

You can let your husband play with your breasts – a little bit. Remember that what cuckolds crave and deserve is the experience of watching someone else pleasing their woman. They know they can’t do it, and they don’t expect you to keep letting them try when you have someone who can. So they can kiss and fondle for a while, but then you must push them aside and focus on your lover. Make your husband watch and “learn.”

Make him Please you

If you are wanting to move your husband towards a more helpful role, you can start by making him give you oral satisfaction while your lover takes you from behind. This gives your husband the pleasure and pain of being able to watch from a very close distance as your lover thrusts his cock deep into you. He can watch your skin stretch and relax, and hear the various sounds you and your lover make. It’s very erotic for him, and it feels heavenly to you to have both lips and cock at the same time.

Plus it puts your husband in the awkward position of having his mouth very close to your lover’s member. If you are active at all, there will be slippage, and your lover’s cock will often brush into your husband’s mouth and face. That’s fun for a lot of reasons, but it is also setting the stage for the next important developments.

Make him Touch your Lover

Make your husband put your lover’s cock back into you. Tell him that since he can’t please you, he owes it to you to help you get satisfaction elsewhere. Make him do it several times. You want him to become used to touching your lover, and the submission required to put him back into you is heavenly agony for a cuckold.


Make him Clean Up

Always make your husband “clean up” after your lover has come inside you. Make him lick you clean, and be sure to rub his face in the combined juices of you and your lover. He will love it. Ignore his whining and make him do a good job every time. You want him used to the taste, and you want him to understand his job.

Make him Satisfy your Lover

After you have done this, simply hold your husband to your pussy (by his hair) while your lover is taking you from behind. Now shift a little so that your lover comes out and into your husband’s mouth. Keep your husband from backing away, and you might consider chiding him gently for “horning in.” You will gradually want your husband to spend more and more time with your lover in his mouth because you are maneuvering for the ultimate in cuckold helpfulness. You want him to suck your lovers to satisfaction.

In the first place, you don’t always want to have to do that, do you?

Enjoy the Rush

More important is the rush of power. Your husband will likely resist at first, and making him do it and accept that level of dominance will give you a feeling of power that’s hard to believe. Also, it is important to your husband. He expects you to make him do this, and all his efforts to persuade you otherwise are just parts of the dom/sub game, where subs are constantly testing the will of the dom. Make him do it – it’s what he needs.

And it’s fun and funny to see come dripping out of your dismayed husband’s mouth after watching him deep-throat your lover to satisfaction while his own cock is still in its chastity cage.

Author: elenanewton

I write erotica. I'm a hotwife who likes to write about my experiences and the stories that occur to me. I'm a serious craftswoman of my trade of writing, and am also a thinker who gives the "sexual battleground" a great deal of serious thought.

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