Euphoria – Feeling Good

Euphoria – the simple feeling of well-being. It’s why we do what we do. BDSM and chastity can be the way we get happy.

Good Feelings Can be so Hard to Get!

Euphoria, the simple, underlying feeling of well-being, can be so hard to get. It’s why people do all the crazy things they do: just to feel good. Sometimes it’s orgies, and sometimes it’s chastity. Sometimes simple pleasure, and some need their pleasure spiced with pain. It’s still all about happiness.

I was reminded of that last evening when mine suddenly came back to me. I’ve been sick for close to two weeks – not a big deal, just a cold or flu or whatever, but between losing my voice and being unable to sleep, sore throat, sinus headaches and all the rest, it was pretty miserable. I was so miserable, in fact, that I took the chastity cage off my husband the day before yesterday and just… turned him loose! I didn’t want to think about him or about sex, or about anything other than, if I possibly could, sleep! So I turned him loose.

He was baffled!

“What should I do, then, Elena?” he asked.

He isn’t an idiot, if that’s what you’re wondering. Like most men who play this game, he’s extremely intelligent – far above average. But I haven’t just turned him loose, released him from chastity, without conditions, since he first went under lock and key. I don’t think he knew how bad I was feeling till then. I don’t think I did! It was like leaving the corral door open so your horse could get away and live even if you died. Pretty dramatic!

“Whatever you want!” I rasped. I just wanted to sleep.

“Other women? Anything??” he asked, trying to get a rise out of me, but I just waved him away.


Someday maybe I’ll amuse you with some of the things he did while I suffered through the final throes of my illness. The point is that I was just no fun at all. Sometimes I woke up without any real pain, but yet without that underlying joy that is normally my constant companion, something still felt wrong.

Alex did tend me much of the time, but I’m not the warmest and cuddliest sick person, so much of the time I made him leave so I could sleep.

Finally I was back to myself last night and called him in. I was curious about what he would do, after having a little freedom. Would he want to keep it that way? Or would he submit.

I held out the chastity cage kind of dangling off the tip of my finger and raised my eyebrows with a challenge.

He took it and put it on. I think he felt much better, too!

Back to normal!


It’s a Woman’s World, Part 3

Peter’s been slaving hand and foot for Christine, but now she’s gotten tired of him “lazing around” and sent him back to work at AWWI. Time for Peter to get more education.

It’s a Woman’s World, Part 3, “Back to Work” is now out. In this episode, Peter, who has been slaving hand and foot for  Christine is sent back to AWWI because she is tired of him “lazing around.”

It’s time for him to get more education and to put some of what he’s learned to work. It’s a horrible case of forced-feminization and diabolical cruelty and manipulation as the story of Peter and Christine takes yet more twists and turns. In this episode, you start to see that A Woman’s World, Inc., is larger than it seemed, with plans to get even bigger. For some reason, Peter is a big part of its plans.

This is a story of forced feminization and involves a lot of really mean stuff!

You can get it on Amazon

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In the Grips of Pain

This is not a kinky post – sorry! It refers to my current physical condition, which is that I am suffering from a cold that will just not let go. If you have left me a comment, therefore, please just be patient a little while longer. Concentrating is a real job here, and it has been all I could do to submit It’s a Woman’s World Part 3 to Amazon for publication. I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, though.

It’s such a drag to be sick, but I guess a little of it every now and then is good for me, since it reminds me of what so many others have to endure constantly.

Hope you’re feeling well, dear reader, and I’ll be back to my kinky self soon.

It’s A Woman’s World Pt. 3

What I really like about forced feminization stories is that they are so Kafkaesque. You presuppose a sweeping conspiracy where nobody has a conscience. They say crazy things, but since they all back each other up, the person in the middle comes to doubt himself and doesn’t know what to believe. It DOES happen in real life

Almost Done!

Just a brief announcement today to people who are waiting… I have almost finished writing It’s a Woman’s World, Part 3. In this part, some of the secrets behind the fiendish world of It’s a Woman’s World start getting revealed.

As I explained recently to a friend, what I really like about forced feminization stories is that they are so Kafkaesque. You presuppose a sweeping conspiracy where nobody has a conscience. They say crazy things, but since they all back each other up, the person in the middle comes to doubt himself and doesn’t know what to believe.

It is believable, and things like this can and do happen, because we are such social animals. Again I say that It’s a Woman’s World is fiction – completely made up – but do I think there are or could be organizations at work in the world just like it? I’m convinced there are. I hope, therefore, that as kinky and weird as this story is, you will take it as a serious exploration of the human psyche. I think you’ll love it.

Ruining Orgasms – Femdom Technique Great in Non-fetish Relationships

Ruining orgasms. Blow his mind. A Femdom technique that’s great for non-fetish sex too.


One of my absolutely favorite lovemaking techniques is called “ruining.” That’s short for ruining a man’s orgasm. And if you don’t know how to do this, it’s something you should learn whether you are a dom in a d/s relationship, or in an egalitarian relationship. It will definitely be one of the most memorable experiences your lover has ever had. Most women try their best to avoid it, as a matter of fact, but this is a huge mistake. It takes a little courage, but you will never regret it.

What is Ruining?

Ruining is taking your man right up to the brink of orgasm and just the teensiest, tiniest bit over. The idea is to come up to the point of no return, and then give just enough stimulation so that, after a few agonized seconds, he goes over. Meanwhile, you remove your hand and do not touch him, or let him touch himself, as he cums. The result is absolutely glorious.

Let’s take a step back to see why.

What Makes Ruining Work?

As you probably know, men are constructed differently than women. If you stimulate them enough (past the “point of no return”), they will orgasm. They can’t stop it or help it. At the moment that happens, they intensely crave a downward motion that allows them to thrust – they’re built to ejaculate into the vagina, and part of their orgasm requires that they thrust against resistance at the critical moment. Withdraw that resistance and they are “ruined.” That is, they spurt out their load and are depleted. Their blood pressure goes down as usual, but then it almost instantly goes back up. They  almost immediately feel the same desire they felt before sex, but they must still “recover.”

You know how men roll over and go to sleep after orgasm? That’s because of that blood-pressure dive. Well, if you ruin him, yours will desperately want to have more sex. This is great fun from a d/s standpoint, because it is possible to drain a man completely without ever giving him the full satisfaction of orgasm. He’ll be horny all night and the next day – he just won’t “feel right” until he has a satisfactory orgasm.

That does sound mean, doesn’t it?

Deliciously for him and you.

In Non-Fetish Sex

Good girls are taught to satisfy their men, and this means, as we all know, never ever stopping once the point of no return has been reached. In porn, the men may pull out, but they fully stroke themselves to orgasm – or the women do. And in most heterosexual sex between non-fetish partners, that sort of satisfaction is generally regarded as the entire aim of intercourse.

Of course, most men are far more interested in their satisfaction than yours, right?

But good girls always deliver.

Suppose you don’t. If you ruin your guy just one time properly, you will give him a unique experience that is both more intense (my husband says he feels like his head is going to explode!) and more mind-blowing than he’s ever had.

Here’s How to Do It

You probably think that the point of no return comes when your guy’s balls scrunch up and he starts contracting all his muscles before that one last thrust.

Actually, it comes just a few seconds before that. It takes practice to find the exact right moment to pull away.

If you can read your guy pretty well, you can ruin him without warning, and that is the best thing. If he lets you tie him down, this is especially effective. Just go till you think he might be about to go past the point and stop. And wait. This in itself will drive him crazy as a teasing technique, right? And if he goes over, just watch him. DO NOT TOUCH HIM! And do not let him touch himself, although you will see that every fiber in his body wants to.

And if the first time you stop, you don’t succeed, try try again. Just go back to stroking and stop again. And again, and again. Eventually he’ll go into wild contortions and all his muscles will contract. Some cum will come out, although it won’t be the usual amount. He’ll probably groan and beg you to finish him.

And you will, sort of. You will wait a second and give him just a couple more strokes and stop again – and he’ll go through the whole thing again! And you can repeat it (if he’s tied down – if not, he’s going to try to ravish you, be warned) again and again until he can no longer get hard. He’ll be soft but STILL horny.

Ruining Does Not Harm or Hurt

Ruining will drive your man batty, but it won’t hurt him. He’ll be hungry for sex immediately after you finish, and part of him won’t feel “right” until you have sex to full satisfaction. He’ll be thinking of you all the next day, and he’ll never forget what you did for him. He will, eventually, love it and probably beg you to do it again.

Make Your Cuckold Help

A wise dom always makes her cuckold help, when it’s convenient, from planning and dressing for the date to its more intimate moments.

If you are in a cuckolding relationship, you’re always trying to find useful things for your cuckold to do. Things that keep him busy and, at the crucial time, either out of the way or in a place to do something helpful.

Some of my readers have said they were turned on by making hubby help with the dressing prior to a date. That is, make him help pick out the lingerie, ask him how each item looks and whether it shows off your body to its best effect. I do like to do that, and I have made a point of putting more of that in my stories, too. After all, he does know what looks best! J And looking good for him is also an important part of the game.

But I think it’s more important to get him to help in other ways. There’s so much more he can do!

One big thing, of course, is having him set the table and prepare the food for a date if it’s going to be at home – and then it’s fun to have him serve the food and kind of serve as a butler during the meal. My husband makes an excellent cup of coffee in addition to his other talents, and I have found it very helpful for him to have refreshments ready at appropriate intervals.

That way he doesn’t feel so excluded!

And then there are other ways to include him at more intimate moments. My absolute favorite, other than having him prepare me for my boyfriend’s entry, which I always have him do before a date and usually also a little closer to the moment, is to have him stand there in attendance and help keep everything where it should be going. For example, one of my favorite positions is the reverse cowgirl. As you probably know, if you get VERY slippery and are also active, there is a significant chance that something will slip out at a crucial time.

That can necessitate a change of angles or too much wasted time. It’s so much better if you have someone there to kind of put things back where they belong. And there are few more poignant moments for a cuckold than that moment of entry. Or re-entry. Letting him help with that really drives the point home to him, especially if he’s in a chastity cage and couldn’t, himself, drive anything home! Watching him, as he slides the other guy slowly in, is so hot! I never get enough of that feeling, and so it may be that I get a little more careless about the slipping than I might!

Your Cock is too Small – You Don’t Deserve Sex

Good girls always tell guys their cocks are the perfect size. That’s what they want to hear. What if you tell them what they NEED to hear instead?

Good girls always tell their guys that their size, whatever it is, is… perfect!

But some guys know that isn’t true.

As with every heavily laden taboo, there is a huge payoff for violating it sometimes. Guys are always worried about their size. Sometimes it’s really hot to play to that fear and use it. Some guys are just “too small” to please you. Why not let them know? That’s why you think they should be in a cage, or why you need another lover, require them to wear the Hulking device (penis sleeve), or just require a lot more oral sex. If you tell some guys they “don’t measure up,” it really turns them on when you tell it like it is.

I’m looking for good ways to put that. Gentle, or not so gentle, reminders, to your guy that he isn’t quite man enough to please you by himself in “that way.”

For example, if he wants to know why he should use the Hulk, you say, “Well, it isn’t that you aren’t fine, it’s just that I sometimes need a little more!” Or, “Well, that thing is so big it just makes me come more.” Or when a guy asks you what you used to see in another boyfriend, you demurely say, “well, he was really big, and that really did something for me.” If your guy responds anything like, “I’m not big enough for you?” or “You don’t like it as much with me?” you say, “You do other things really well. Sex isn’t everything!”

Any time your guy fishes for compliments about his size or displays any uncertainty, instead of giving him what you know he WANTS, give him what he NEEDS. Give him the subtle message that no, he really isn’t quite enough in that way for you – you might like a little more “now and then.” Or you could playfully refer to his cock as his “clit,” “clitty,” or clitoris. You could say you “love the size of his clit!”

Most guys will never dare to ask this, but if yours does ask you whether another lover was as big as, or bigger than, him, you say, “not when he was soft!” Or if you really want to tease, you say, “he was way bigger than you even before he got hard. I really liked that!”

“You never had that reaction to me!” or “You never said that about me” could be met with, “Well, you never could quite do that for me. It isn’t your fault – he’s just… bigger.” “Did you come?” Or, “why do you think you didn’t come?” could meet with the obvious responses – “It isn’t really your fault, I just… need a little more!”

I’d love to hear other ways to deliver the message. What have you heard? Or thought at times?