Hi and welcome to XXXperiment.

I’m Elena Newton, and I write erotica. While the images on this site will be “restrained,” I must still warn you that the themes are adult. The books I write are quite graphic, erotic, and sensual. If you aren’t at the age of majority – if you aren’t at least 18, please exit this site.

If you find hot erotic stories, particularly involving bdsm, graphic hetero, homo, bi and transsexual, sex disturbing or distasteful, please be advised  that this site isn’t for you. I’m still working on this site, and I’m not sure the table of contents is doing me right. To find my books, go to this link.

The title of this site is “XXXperiment,” probably for obvious reasons. My first blog was about the first book of a new series of femdom stories I’ve recently published. Most of my stories are femdom, but hey – even if you’re a sub, it’s a woman’s world. There are many chances to enjoy stories of every flavor. I hope you’ll enjoy what you find here.

For my more official website, go to I Hold the Key. I will soon have better options for purchasing my books, and more information, there. To  sign up for a free story and my newsletter, go to the Lock & Key signup.